Tips For Packing Boxes

Tips for Packing Boxes


  • Do not over-pack boxes. Each box should weigh less than 50 lbs and be able to close and be taped easily. Over packing can damage items or cause the box to break.
  • Clearly label each box and describe the contents as clearly as possible. You will want to be able to find the most important things, such as sheets for the beds, towels, etc. very easily on your first night in your new home without having to open multiple boxes.
  • When you take apart beds, cribs, or other furniture, put all the screws and bolts into a local moving companies affordable moversziploc bag (or double bag so it doesn’t rip) and securely tape the bag to the underside of the furniture. There is nothing worse than putting together a bed and discovering that the screws were either stuffed into a random box or lost in the move.
  • Sheets and towels can be used to stuff in boxes with breakables (such as crystal glasses) to help fill empty spaces and keep things from rattling around or banging together and breaking.
  • Styrofoam plates make great packing material! When stacking breakable plates in a box, put a¬†Styrofoam plate in between each breakable plate, the put newspaper around the sides of the stacks.