Things To Do Before You Move

Things to Do Before You Move



  • Change your address at the post office

With all the things that need to be done before a move, this is one of the things that people sometimes forget to do. So, be sure to set aside some time to do this before you move. You can get change of address forms at the post office and mail it, or you can fill out the form online. Its easy!

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  • Notify Utility Companies of your move

Make a list of the utility companies you need to contact and then get out your bills. When you call, they’ll probably ask you for an account number or pin number or something you may not remember offhand, so you’ll want to have that information ready. It’s usually pretty easy to get a service turned off at one place and turned on at another. But you might also use this move as an opportunity to reevaluate your services. A lot of places will have specials for new customers, so you may want to switch companies for things like Cable/internet.

  • Collect Important Documents¬†

Moving is a great time to organize your essential documents. As you’re going through your papers, collect your most important documents — your will, birth certificate, financial documents, social security card, car title, medical records, etc. These things can often get lost during the chaos of moving. Put them all together and then find a special place to put them once you move. You may want to transport these documents yourself, rather than having them mixed in with all the other boxes.