Things to Do Before Moving into an Apartment

Things to Do Before Moving into An Apartment


  • Check for rodents and bugs. Call an exterminator if its an option for you. Better to find out if you have roaches or fleas at your new place before you move in. Its a lot harder to get rid of them once they’ve inhabited your furniture.


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  • Measure your furniture and plan how you will arrange it in your new apartment. This we you can tell the movers exactly where you want it, and you won’t have to end up moving it around yourself later.


  • Make sure your dryer plug will fit the dryer plug in the apartment. There are 3 prong and 4 prong plugs, make sure you know which one your dryers is, you may need to buy a conversion kit.


  • Change the toilet seat! Toilet seats are cheap, and buying a new one saves you from wondering what is living on the old one.